Track Artist Title
1. Mari Boine Maid Aiggot Muinna Eallin
2. Norscq WaG
3. Yat-Kha Yenisei Punk
4. Shpongle Shpongleyes
5. Boards of Canada In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
6. Jan Garbarek Evening Land
7. Norscq TrZ
8. dZihan & Kamien/Shpongle Spacewater/Flute Fruit
9. P'taah/Shankar No One, No How, Never/Ragam Kiravani
10. Mari Boine/Norscq Gumppet Holvot/TiN
11. Mouse on Mars Sehnsud
12. Aphex Twin Nannou
13. Paco de Lucia Zyryab
14. Shpongle Around the World in a Tea Daze
14. Nolte 21st Century Schizoid Man Or How To Lose Your Head Baby
15. Plaid Ti Born
16. P'taah Crossing
17. Davka Hamsin
18. Nickel Creek Old Cold Coffee on the Dashboard